Imagine strolling through your city’s streets and alleys, only to be greeted by whimsical fungal art installations that transform ordinary urban spaces into canvases of nature’s artistry. This is the essence of “Game of Shrooms,” an art movement captivating the hearts of communities by bridging the gap between nature, art, and urban life. Let’s dive into how this unique phenomenon is taking over urban spaces and why it’s more than just a trend—it’s a celebration of creativity and environmental awareness.

What is Game of Shrooms?

Game of Shrooms is an annual, global, art scavenger hunt where artists, foragers, and enthusiasts come together to hide and seek handmade mushroom-themed artworks in public spaces. Founded by artist Attaboy, this movement encourages participation from people of all ages and backgrounds in a free, engaging, and unconventional art experience that highlights the beauty and importance of fungi in our ecosystems.

The Impact on Urban Spaces

The impact of Game of Shrooms on urban environments is multifaceted, turning grey concrete jungles into interactive, ever-evolving galleries. It not only promotes public art but also fosters a sense of community and environmental consciousness amongst urbanites.

Bringing Nature to the City

By integrating the theme of mushrooms—a symbol of growth, decay, and the cycle of life—into cityscapes, Game of Shrooms serves as a reminder of the natural world that thrives beyond the urban sprawl. It offers a momentary escape to enchantment and reflection amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

Encouraging Community Engagement

This art movement goes beyond just viewing; it’s about participating. Whether creating an art piece, hiding it, or seeking one out, Game of Shrooms engages people in a communal outdoor activity that fosters interaction, collaboration, and creativity within the community.

How to Participate

Participating in Game of Shrooms is simple and accessible to everyone. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • As an Artist: Create your mushroom-themed artwork and hide it in a public space. Use social media to give hints without revealing the exact location.
  • As a Forager: Follow artists on social media and use their hints to search for hidden artworks in your local area on the day of the event.
  • Document: Whether you’re hiding or seeking, take photos and share them on social media with the event’s hashtags to be part of the global gallery.

Spotlight on Sustainability and Conservation

At its core, Game of Shrooms emphasizes sustainability and environmental preservation. Artists are encouraged to use biodegradable materials and to respect wildlife and natural habitats when placing their art. This initiative not only spreads awareness about the ecological significance of mushrooms but also practices what it preaches by minimizing human impact on nature.


Game of Shrooms is more than just a passing phenomenon; it represents a collective effort to beautify urban spaces, engage communities, and raise environmental consciousness through the universal language of art. By connecting people with nature and each other, Game of Shrooms illustrates the transformative power of creativity in fostering a sustainable and inclusive urban culture. Embrace your role in this fascinating interplay of nature and artistry—participate in the Game of Shrooms and witness how small acts of creativity can inspire big changes in our world.


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